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Deleo aims to be the next generation fashion designer brand with its first phygital collection of 25 pieces with different levels of rarity. From commun pieces (level 1) to unique pieces (level 3) with "haute couture" craftsmanship we offer high-end products with advanced technology. Each product is linked to a digital twin that allows you to play with real garments in video games or metaverses. You can find in the collar of each garment an NFC chip: scan it with your phone to instantly authenticate the product.

Winter 23 Drop

First quarter of 2023 - In Progress

“The Rookie Season” is the first collection of Deleo. Léo designed 12 looks for his first Fall/Winter Collection. Born and raised in the Alps, you will discover his univers inspired by the snow and the street culture. Deleo mixes technology, craftsmanship & streetwear to redefine the image of fashion tech. By incorporating the NFT technology into his concept, Deleo becomes the first web3 native designer brand with high-end made in France garments.

Deleo in Metaverse

Second quarter of 2023 - Soon

Each piece is linked to digital twin. At this stage, you will be able to make your piece a wearable for your avatar in the metaverse. The partnership will be announced soon.

“Diamonds from the sky”

Third quarter for 2023

To conclude the Rookie Season, we will drop an exclusive and limited piece with a snowflake button in real diamonds. This will be Deleo’s masterpiece.

Deleo avatars

Fourth quarter of 2023 - early 2024

To take the brand even further, we will be launching 5000 different avatars, which will give you the possibility to dress the avatars with your Deleo’s digital twin pieces.

Leo Dentant

Founder & Designer


Born and raised in the French Alps, Léo is the founder and Designer behind Deleo. Throughout his childhood, he was interested in technologies and innovations. Born in 2000, he belongs to the Gen Z mainly inspired by street culture. His vision is to connect street culture, fashion & technology, and when the NFT boomed in 2021, he realized that this technology could change the fashion game. Deleo was born with the ambition to become the first Phygital Fashion Designer brand by mixing the NFT technology and creative garments.

Alexandre IZANIC
Jose Peon
Artist 3D
Blockchain Developper
Artist 3D


Friends & Family

We intend to revolutionize the world of fashion, and we want to reward you for your enthusiasm. By being one of Deleo's most loyal customers, you have a chance to follow and participate in the evolution of the brand:

  • Exclusive access to fashion shows and events
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